eli lambie

Pianist, saxophonist, composer, arranger, producer - Eli is Pinnacle's main technical resource and co-writer. Movie scores, national event compositions, studio sessions, live performances, and band leading keep Eli busy. Not one to sit still for long, he is pursuing a Master's degree after obtaining 3 Bachelor's degrees in Music Technology, Performance, and Music Education.


jan l'ecuyer

Co-composer, pianist, vocalist, live performer - Jan has toured the United States and abroad as a vocalist and worship leader, and has been a featured artist and composer on various national and international recordings. With a Bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance, she is Pinnacle's co-composer and chief lyricist as well as vocalist.

John bass 2.jpg

john l'ecuyer

Drums, bass, guitar, keys, percussion - as a multi-instrumentalist, John has toured the country and abroad. He has several composition and publishing credits to his name, and has worked extensively as a session musician for a variety of artists. A studio "swiss army knife," his Bachelor's degree in Communications also places him as your main point of contact for client relations.