We help create next-level events.

Weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, marketing and branding campaigns, motivational speaking engagements, organization events, media soundtracks, etc. A custom song lasts forever, and gives you a uniquely crafted gift that no one else on the planet has.

Our songs and performances have appeared in a variety of media, events, and recordings:

  • Video projects

  • Film soundtracks

  • Commercials

  • Community outreaches

  • National recording releases

  • State and national talent competitions

  • Special holiday events

  • Dance recitals

  • Church services

Name your event - we'll make it pop.

We’ll craft your unique song from beginning to end, so that each element of the final recording works together to create the proper mood for your event. Our services are tailored to you:

  • World-class composition

  • Top-shelf musicianship

  • Industry-standard production facility

  • Any style, any instrumentation

  • Professional client support

  • Unforgettable events